zondag 3 mei 2009

The kids had a school holiday this week, because it was Queens day on thursday. The weather was half nice, half less nice. The photo of monday is the oil painting we took with us from Cambodia. I love this painting very much. It is exactly the landscape we saw from our car when we where driving for more than 3 hours to where our daughter lived. At this moment the rape is blooming everywhere. I don't like the smell of it, but I love the bright yellow colour. On wednesday we said goodbeye to a collegue at my office. Thursday was Queens day. The weather was nice, so we went to Delfzijl, where the kids had a blast on the free-market. Everybody sold their stuff on the street, and the children went on and bought a lot of stuff. When we drove home, we learned that a tragedy had happened in Apeldoorn where our queen was. A mad man drove his car through the people watching queen Beatrix, at this moment 7 people are killed (the driver included). We watched the TV for news the whole rest of the afternoon. On friday the weather was very nice. The kids played outside, and I worked on the Rally-O event we organized on saturday. Saturday morning we left very early to drive more than 2.5 hours to the southern part of the Netherlands. It was a nice event, friendly people and we had great fun. On the photo Margreet and Anita are shown, both are judges in Rally-O, and Anita is also my sister in law. On sunday Shen surprised me with the paper he wrote all words from a baby book (with animal words lik "horse", "duck" etc.) in it. It was very great! He hasn't learned to write in school, and this was totally his own thinking!

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  1. I was so sad to hear about the tragic events on Queensday. I know it's supposed to be a joyous time of celebration. Great job Shen with your writing!