maandag 28 februari 2011

3 weken in één post

Dit zijn de afgelopendrie weken in februari. In deze weken heb ik een ooglidcorrectie ondergaan op 15 februari. Op 19 februari ontdekte ik dat ik inmiddels 10 kilo was afgevallen. Op 24 februari sneeuwde het ’s nachts, en kon ik ’s ochtends vroeg deze foto maken. Op 26 februari waren Yvonne en Stefan op visite, en zijn we samen met oma naar Ni Hao in Groningen geweest. Op 27 februari gingen we naar de voorstelling van Seth Gaaikema, en op 28 februari plukte Karin onze twee Cairntjes weer heel mooi in model.

woensdag 16 februari 2011

The day after...

This is the result of a 30 min. operation on my upper eyelids. The operation was yesterday, and my eyes are very swollen right now. I have to be patient for the end result now!

vrijdag 11 februari 2011

Project 365 - february 1

And this is the first layout of february. I change the design of the layouts (colour etc.) for every month. This way the book I will ultimately have will be flowing very nicely.
1 on tuesdays when Mean rides horse, I go to the grocery store nearby. My grocery store has built a new and bigger one, and I thought it would be nice to take a picture of it in the dark. Most of the time Shen goes with me (because Rudy is working as driving instructor on evenings). 2 Mean performed for me this evening. 3 my Montignac lunch: carrots, smoked chicken and smoked mackerel. 4 Rudy and I went to landgoed Avegoor (a very nice hotel) for the weekend. 5 we spent the whole day in a wellness center, this is not one of my photos (it's not allowed to take pictures in there) but we had a special Nepalese session in this salt block sauna. 6 our hotel room, Rudy sitting on the bed just before we left. 7 we played the game of roundomino the 4 of us.

Week 5 project 365

I am a bit behind on my posts (but not on my layouts). This is the last 365 layout of january. The first photo was the sun coming up over Woldendorp as we see it from our livingroom. The second photo is my sweet daughter. She is doing a modelling contest and this is one of the photos we did on this day. The last photo is the card of the birth of the little girl of one of my colleagues.