zaterdag 20 maart 2010

Diya is zwanger! - Diya is pregnant!

Onze Diya is zwanger! Ik had er niet op gerekend, maar ze blijkt toch zwanger te zijn, we hebben in ieder geval 3 pupjes gezien op de echo. Ergens in april zal ze hopelijk bevallen van een mooi nestje Cairns!

Our Diya is pregnant! I hadn’t counted on it, but we did an echo yesterday, and she is pregnant. We saw at least 3 babies on the echo. The litter is due in april!

zondag 14 maart 2010

Weeds & Wildflowers challenge

The Weeds and Wildflowers blog had a new challenge this morning, where you have to show the first, last and favorite layouts you have created with Weeds and Wildflowers stuff.

The first layout I could find was of the cover of Mean’s 2005 photo album. I don’t know if I ever made a W&W layout before, but this one was the first one I found in our private gallery. The last one is the 22 february layout of the project 365 that I finished on February 28th. And my favorite one, because it’s so funny, is the one of Mean cleaning the toilet. She asked me to teach it to her, and I couldn’t resist to take some photos of the event. Now I have something in hand to tease her with later!


woensdag 3 maart 2010

Please vote for me!


Airplane name is Sky Festival


Lufthansa heeft een wedstrijd waarbij een vliegticket te winnen is, en natuurlijk wil ik dat ook wel graag! Nog een keer naar Shenzhen reizen zou fantastisch zijn! Bovenstaand de link, je mag iedere dag (tot 31 maart) op me stemmen zodat ik hopelijk op zoek kan gaan naar Shen’s geboorteouders!


The German airline company Lufthansa has a Competition where I could win a ticket. Would love to go back to Shenzhen to find out more about Shen’s birthparents! So please vote for me! Voting is possible every day until march 31st.


Dank je wel! / Thanks very much!

maandag 1 maart 2010

22-29 february

The last week of my 365 project. I've finished my book and sent it off to
Artscow to have it printed. Looking forward to the book itself!

On Monday I picked up my Cairn Terrier Diya from the breeder where she was
to be bred by one of his males. Let's hope she'll have a litter in about 9
weeks! The Tuesday photo is of Shen's room, he is keeping it rather clean
after we decluttered the toys and all other stuff several weeks ago. The
Wednesday photo is of Shen and neighbor Sanne. The kids have their spring
break, and they are playing on the Wii together. The Thursday photo is of
Bumba, or big black cat. On Friday a niece got married, and as we visited
the marriage we also visited our friends near Arnhem. The kids had lots of
fun together as we had a fabulous meal at a Chinese restaurant in Velp! On
Saturday Shen swam for his last swimming diploma, we are all done with
swimming lessons now. And the last photo of the year is of our little
family. I have a remote control for my camera, which is very useful when you
want to take photos of yourself!

I don't know when I will update this blog again, I found out a way to post
videos from my mobile on my blog, so I think I will post some movies here in
the coming months.