maandag 28 december 2009

21 - 27 december

It was very cold this week, so we started with some icy days where the kids could skate in our village. They had great fun, Shen because he could finally skate on skates with only one blade, and Mean because she simply loves to skate. On Wednesday I had a Christmas “party” at work, we had a lovely Chinese dinner together, and afterwards played some board games. Lots of fun! On Thursday my mother came to us to celebrate Christmas eve. On First Christmas day we relaxed at home, watched a Christmas movie, played with our Nintendo’s and had a wonderful stonegrill dinner together. On Saturday Rudy started with the renovation of the kitchen, and we had a lovely dinner again. The kids helped Rudy by tearing off the wallpaper, they where a great help!

zondag 20 december 2009

14 - 20 december

Brrr, it is so cold outside! This week has turned into a real winter week.
The Monday photo is a souvenir of the play we went to with the kids on Sunday afternoon: Lisa’s big trip. It is a play with accompanying classical music, a live violinist, cellist, and two dancers with a big puppet (called Lisa). Lisa cannot sleep because her grandmother isn’t there anymore, and Lisa starts a trip to find a way to sleep again. It’s for kids from 6 years up.

On Tuesday a colleague of mine said goodbye from work. We had tapas dinner in a restaurant in Groningen. I had so much fun, the colleagues I work with are really very nice men and women! Tuesday afternoon our Christmas cards arrived, and on Wednesday Mean wrote cards for her schoolfriends and the teachers of her school. On Thursday it was snowing really badly, and the roads where not very safe to drive on. I stayed home from work. On Friday morning the kids had their annual Christmas play. It was originally planned for Thursday evening, but because of the bad weather it was delayed until Friday morning. Saturday was a nice day, blue skies but very cold (-10!) even during the day. The road to our house is still not very great to drive on. Sunday was even worse, a lot of wind and snow again, and very cold (-6) so we stayed inside all day (maybe we’ll go to the ice skating rank in the village later, but I’m not sure if I’m coming along J )

zondag 13 december 2009

Christmas card

We wish you happy holidays and a great new year!


We wensen iedereen heel fijne feestdagen en een gezond en gelukkig nieuwjaar!

7 - 13 december

A simple layout for this week.

Monday: Mean loves to play on the “little computer”, my netbook. Probably because she has internet on it then J

Tuesday: Zorro is still with us, hopefully next week he will have a new owner.

Wednesday: When I look to the right, I see my collegue Zwaan

Thursday: daddy and the kids put up the Christmas tree, wonderful!

Friday: Mean her first riding lesson in the riding hall. She fell of the horse, but was a real trooper and climbed right up again!

Saturday: Mean and Joly, a real team!

Sunday: taking photos for the Christmas card. This is the chosen one.

zondag 6 december 2009

30 november - 6 december

Monday: Mean baking pancakes, she is becoming a real pro in it! Tuesday: the report books where handed out, and Mean had numbers in her book for the first time (instead of the G (Good) etc. she first had). Wednesday: I had a very bad night, a fever and very strange dreams when I slept (or between being awake and being asleep). I stayed at home and spent my time on the sofa (with this photo as my view). On Thursday the fever was lower, but I still felt not very good. The kids had their Sinterklaas celebration at school, and this is Mean singing a K3 song with her two classmates. I went to bed very early. Friday I felt better, but not totally good. I had to go to the swimming lessons with Shen, and instead of having one hour alone in the kantine with my Nintendo DS, I had to sit and watch alongside the pool, it was “viewing-class”. Shen is doing his very best, this is the last class he has, I hope he will have his C-diploma in january. On Saturday it was Sinterklaas, and the children where agitated all day. We opened the presents a little early, but that was very good, because they had lots of time to play afterwards. Shen received the Mario Galaxy Wii game he really really wanted, and they both jumped up and down in joy about that. On Sunday my dad turned 71 years old. We visited him in the afternoon, and I took this photo of him and the kids.