zaterdag 29 januari 2011

Week 4 project 365

Alweer een week voorbij. In ieder geval was ik weer beter deze week!

De foto’s:
22 Mean tijdens haar eerste F proef in manege de Veenhoeve
23 op zondagavond samen Triominos spelen
24 Mean’s vioolles
25 het nieuwe kastje onder de wastafel in de badkamer
26 Shen en z’n grote vriend de Nintendo DSi
27 Mean oefent op de drums vanwege het IVAK muziekproject op school
28 onze boerderij gezien vanaf de overkant tijdens het hardlopen

donderdag 27 januari 2011

Week 3 januari

Almost a week too late, but I was ill last week (bad cold) so that's my
One of the pictures is of daytime TV, I hung on the couch most of the week.
The first picture is of Harry Potter movie tickets, Rudy and I went on
Saturday, the kids where sleeping at my mum's.

woensdag 26 januari 2011

Mean's F1 proef op Max

Mean heeft op 22 januari haar eerste F proef gedaan in manege de Veenhoeve in Appingedam. Ze reed op Max, een Haflinger. Ze heeft het erg goed gedaan, werd vierde met een mooie rozet, en mag de volgende keer meedoen met de F2 proef.

zaterdag 15 januari 2011

Project 365 - week 2

This week’s photos:

8 A souvenir of a Hanggai concert (popband) which I visited in December with some colleagues

9 My running outfit, Mean took the picture of me after I ran this Sunday morning

10 Shen lost his first upper tooth! He already lost 4 of his lower tooth, but this was the first upper. He did it all by himself, after he went to bed tonight, and came back proudly with the result!

11 Today I visited a practice to inform about eye lid surgery

12 Mean had a birthday party / photo shoot where she also got make-up on and some glitter. She liked that a lot.

13 Mean’s room. The closet is placed in the middle, dividing the room in two areas.

14 The Wii balance board confirmed today that I lost 7.5 kilos in total since I started doing the Montignac diet on November 1st! I’m on the right track, and will continue until I reach my goal!

vrijdag 7 januari 2011

Project 365 - the first week of 2011

I started again with the project 365 this year. I did this a year ago, and I love the result, the album I made of it. The project comprises making a photo every day, and creating a layout of all the photos every week. With journaling of course, so you can read in about 20 years or so what the daily life was in 2011.

I use products of Weeds and Wildflowers design: to create the pages. I like the cleanliness of the pages created with their stuff!

My photos of this first week!
1 Mean and Shen with some fireworks at midnight New Year's eve
2 Mean and I visiting a theater show (Anubis)
3 My new kitchen herbs holder from IKEA
4 We had a solar eclips early morning (the photo is not made by me :) )
5 Mean and Shen having fun after dinner
6 Shen working with play-doh
7 I picked up my special soles for my running shoes this morning!

You can look forward to a weekly layout with my photos from now.