zaterdag 15 januari 2011

Project 365 - week 2

This week’s photos:

8 A souvenir of a Hanggai concert (popband) which I visited in December with some colleagues

9 My running outfit, Mean took the picture of me after I ran this Sunday morning

10 Shen lost his first upper tooth! He already lost 4 of his lower tooth, but this was the first upper. He did it all by himself, after he went to bed tonight, and came back proudly with the result!

11 Today I visited a practice to inform about eye lid surgery

12 Mean had a birthday party / photo shoot where she also got make-up on and some glitter. She liked that a lot.

13 Mean’s room. The closet is placed in the middle, dividing the room in two areas.

14 The Wii balance board confirmed today that I lost 7.5 kilos in total since I started doing the Montignac diet on November 1st! I’m on the right track, and will continue until I reach my goal!

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