zondag 30 augustus 2009

24-30 august 2009

The summer still isn’t over here. This week had lots of very nice warm days. The gas company is working in our backyard on a very big gas transport tube onder the ground. They are digging for weeks now, and are in the construction phase. The photo is taken where the tube is going under the main road near our house. I pass by at least twice a day here. On Tuesday my Cairns went to the groomer, Karin, and she made Bully into a nice old gentlemen (she even washed him, he smelled so fresh!) and Joly became the pretty lady she already was. On Wednesday I went to the pier with Mean to wave a few big tallships goodbye. I took a lot of photos of the ships, but the photo’s of Mean where much more beautiful J Isn’t she pretty? The Thursday photo is of Bully with his new hairdo. On Friday I took the sleepy boy photo of Shen. He wasn’t in my week overviews lately, so he deserved a bit more attention. On Saturday Mean made muffins, almost all by herself. They grow up so fast! Sunday was a very quiet day. We don’t have those days very often. Rudy and I had to work all day long, but we where with the kids, they played and we talked. Shen is here, sitting in his PJ’s at 1 PM (and it’s almost 4 PM now, and he is still in his PJ’s J) playing the Wii. I am cooking in between, we’ll have some nice homemade chicken soup and a whole chicken, slow cooked. Mmmm, looking forward to that!

zondag 23 augustus 2009

17 - 23 august

What a great week, the weather was super great, we had a great festival just around the corner, and the kids started school again J


On Monday the kids went to school again after the summer break. They had a good start, everything went fine. On Tuesday Mean baked pancakes all herself for the very first time. She wanted me to take a picture alike Spongebob. The Wednesday photo is of Mean jumping in the canal next to our house. She loves to swim. On Thursday grandma came again, and we played a game called Pinguin Panic in the evening together. On Friday I went to the Chinese doctor with my mother again. Saturday was the start of Delfsail, a great event in Delfzijl, our community. We watched all the big ships sailing in the harbor, and went to a big free pop concert with Mean. She loved it! On Sunday Rudy had an obedience exam with Kyona, our almost 1 year old “puppy”. Everything went very well, he passed it. In the afternoon we went to Delfsail again, and had a great afternoon with nice food, some attractions and of course the great views of the ships.

Delfsail 22 august

I had to share these photos with you. This weekend for four days it is Delfsail (www.delfsail.nl) in our community. We live about 7 km’s from the town of Delfzijl, where the big harbor is. We went by bike to the pier which is the entrance to the harbor this morning (it’s only about 2 km’s from our home) and we sat there to watch the big tallships come in for the festival. The weather was great, and we were there for about 2 hours. I took food and drinks with me, and of course my camera, and took some great shots. The atmosphere there was great, all wonderful people loving the scenery!

In the evening we had a big free popconcert of Marco Borsato, the biggest male singer in the Netherlands, in the harbor of Delfzijl. He sings mainly in Dutch, and Mean loves a few of his songs. So she went with us. We had a super great time there, the concert was wonderful, the atmosphere was wonderful, and afterwards we saw the fireworks through the tallships. The weather was nice, no wind, fine temperature, it couldn’t have been better.

Today we’re having an obedience exam at our dog training school, and afterwards we’ll go to the festival again. Hope you like the photos!

maandag 17 augustus 2009

10 - 16 august

This was a real summer week. The weather was very nice, lots of sun and the children could play outside most of the time in their last week of vacation.


The trees are carrying lots of fruit. The walnuts are really nice this year. Our black German Shepherd Felyce is really fond of water, and loves to swim. Mean had a phone conversation, her first real conversation I mean, on Monday with a school friend. Very funny to overhear! My Cairn Terrier Bully has very long hair, he is going to the dog groomer next week. He didn’t see much through his hair, so I made him a pigtail on top of his head so he could see better. He didn’t like it at first, but got used to it very soon, and seemed to enjoy it! On Saturday Rudy had his birthday and we celebrated our 24th wedding day. We had a great day, with an afternoon of family water fun and simply enjoying the nice weather and each other’s company. We had a BBQ and loved it. On Sunday the weather was great also, and we spent the afternoon with my sister, her boyfriend and their youngest daughter. We then went to the Chinese restaurant and had a great dinner. Loved this week!

zondag 9 augustus 2009

3-9 august

A week with wonderful summer weather. Only negative thing: I had to go to work again, so spent four days inside. But the kids still have vacation here. On Monday I took a lot of photos of the cats and the kids. They where having so much fun outside in the evening. Mean can swim in the pool all day, and evening. The photo of Wednesday is of Shen and his Nintendo DS. He is almost glued to it. Thursday I visited a newborn baby. He was born on Saturday, and he and his mother came home on Wednesday. He was so pretty! Wish you a long and happy life, Raphael Julien! On Friday was my day off. It was very hot, so I did the groceries very early. In the afternoon I spent some time in the pool, and for dinner Mean made the preparation for pancakes. On Saturday I had a meeting with the editorial people of the Cairn Terrier club (I’m a member too) and afterwards we took this photo of the group. Sunday was a very busy day, the afternoon was cleaning time for the dog training school canteen. Tomorrow the training season starts again, and everything is ready for the season!

zondag 2 augustus 2009

27 july - 2 august

I still have vacation from work this week. We spent it at home. On Tuesday I went to the Lifelines health check. In 8 weeks I’ll get the results. Wednesday my niece Yvonne and her boyfriend Stefan arrived. They stayed at my mother’s house (Yvonne is very asthmatic and we have 5 dogs and 2 cats) but we BBQ’d 2 times, went to the Chinese to dine with my mother and father, and we went to the playground with Mean and Shen. We had a great time!