zondag 30 augustus 2009

24-30 august 2009

The summer still isn’t over here. This week had lots of very nice warm days. The gas company is working in our backyard on a very big gas transport tube onder the ground. They are digging for weeks now, and are in the construction phase. The photo is taken where the tube is going under the main road near our house. I pass by at least twice a day here. On Tuesday my Cairns went to the groomer, Karin, and she made Bully into a nice old gentlemen (she even washed him, he smelled so fresh!) and Joly became the pretty lady she already was. On Wednesday I went to the pier with Mean to wave a few big tallships goodbye. I took a lot of photos of the ships, but the photo’s of Mean where much more beautiful J Isn’t she pretty? The Thursday photo is of Bully with his new hairdo. On Friday I took the sleepy boy photo of Shen. He wasn’t in my week overviews lately, so he deserved a bit more attention. On Saturday Mean made muffins, almost all by herself. They grow up so fast! Sunday was a very quiet day. We don’t have those days very often. Rudy and I had to work all day long, but we where with the kids, they played and we talked. Shen is here, sitting in his PJ’s at 1 PM (and it’s almost 4 PM now, and he is still in his PJ’s J) playing the Wii. I am cooking in between, we’ll have some nice homemade chicken soup and a whole chicken, slow cooked. Mmmm, looking forward to that!

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