zondag 29 november 2009

23 - 29 november

Another week in my life. On Monday we ate lasagna, we all love it! On Tuesday Mean could change her earrings by herself for the first time. Thursday I said goodbye to my previous colleagues within my company, it was sad but some of them had already made plans for the future. On Friday I went to Amersfoort to a Drupal introduction course, this looks very interesting! On Friday I went shopping with the kids, and they were allowed to buy something from their own money. Shen chose this lightsword, it is spectacular! On Sunday Rudy and Mean built the Mario racetrack once again to play with it.

zondag 22 november 2009

16 - 22 november

The first picture is of my colleagues who are sitting behind me. They are part of my team, the design team of our department. The Tuesday photo is of the hallway in our office building. There are two photos of me hanging there now, one of Mean which is hanging right on the left. On Wednesday I had a meeting with a colleague who explained some difficult stuff on the whiteboard, I took some pictures of it to remember it all. The Thursday photo is of the parking lot behind our building, my car is parked on the left. It was a beautiful sunset before I left. Friday morning we had a beautiful sunrise. On Saturday Sinterklaas came to our village and we have a party for all the children in the village then. Sunday was a familyday. I had been so busy the last 10 weeks or so, and on Sunday we did all fun things with the kids. In the morning we went swimming, in the afternoon we played with the Wii all five of us, and afterwards we all did stuff we liked ourselves. A nice Sunday!

zaterdag 21 november 2009

Two layouts of july 2009

I made these photos at the end of july, when I still was celebrating my holiday. I love blending (as you can see) and I made both these layouts in a natural atmosphere.

zondag 15 november 2009

9 - 15 november

Another normal and busy week in November.

The first pictures are of parts of my life. In our living room are five water paintings from Cambodia on a Cambodian cloth. One fell down a long time ago, and Rudy placed it on the wall again this weekend. The second picture is of my car computer on the last part of the way home. On Wednesday we celebrated Saint Maarten. The children walked with their pawns (hope this Babelfish translation is correct?) along the houses and sang their Saint Maarten songs. They received lots of candy and presents! The weather was good, cold but the rain stopped when we started walking at 6 PM. Thursdays photo is of our beloved cat Bumba. On Friday just before bedtime Mean checked the photos on daddy’s phone. On Saturday the kids played a typical Dutch game, sjoelen. Mean has her own “sjoelbak”, it’s a little smaller than the standard “sjoelbak”. They had fun in our living room with it. On Sunday we had a Rally-O workshop and competition at our Dog Trainig school. The photo is of Rudy with his black German Shepherd Felyce. He was first with her, and I was second with my Cairn Diya!

maandag 9 november 2009

2 - 8 november

I found Mean on Monday evening like this: on top of her bed, under a fleece blanket, with Joly the little Cairn Terrier sleeping next to her. She should ly just the other way round. The photo of Tuesday is a lucky shot, it’s not that easy to picture two doggies at the same time. These are my two Cairns, mother and daughter, Diya and Joly. On Wednesday evening I played a little with my camera to shoot some self portraits. Thursday was not such a great day for Rudy, the plumbing was not working okay, so he worked on it the whole day. Friday had a beautiful sunrise. On Saturday evening Mean and Shen played a little play for us, and on Sunday I went to a meeting about Rally-O.

zondag 1 november 2009

26 october - 1 november

This week was a sad week. On Monday I decided that Bully shouldn’t suffer any longer, so I spent the evening with him on our couch. I spoiled him with nice meals, and made everything as comfortable as possible for him. The photo shows the new chairs we had received on our department, they are great. Tuesday the vet came and put Bully to sleep. The photo was of a few hours before. We brought him to the crematorium for animals, where he was cremated the same day. Wednesday Rudy picked up the urn from the crematorium. The photo shows the kids that evening (Mean wearing horrible blue eye shadow). On Thursday we went eating out and bowling as team mates. One of my colleagues took this action shot of me. Mean hugged her sweet little doggy friend Joly on the floor on Friday. The Saturday photo is of Mean and Shen with their Nintendo DS Lites. The Sunday photo is of Mean showing her little Cairn Joly at the local dog show. It was the first time she did it, the judge was really friendly and he and the ring steward helped her a lot. She got a great report, very well shown!


Everyone who was responded on Hyves or sent e-mails with their sympathy: thank you so very much. Many know how special this little dog was for me.

In memoriam Bully

Last Tuesday Bully was put to sleep by our vet. He had so much trouble breathing, it wasn’t good to keep him alive just for me. Bully was my biggest doggy-friend. He was born in our home 14,5 years ago, and when he opened his eyes, I didn’t want to let him go. We have done so much together, he was truly my best friend for all those years. I am very sad that I have lost him. I made this in memoriam page for him, the photo was taken just a few hours before the vet came. Bully is cremated, and I have his ashes in an urn in my home. I hope to see him again after I pass away in hopefully many years.