zondag 22 november 2009

16 - 22 november

The first picture is of my colleagues who are sitting behind me. They are part of my team, the design team of our department. The Tuesday photo is of the hallway in our office building. There are two photos of me hanging there now, one of Mean which is hanging right on the left. On Wednesday I had a meeting with a colleague who explained some difficult stuff on the whiteboard, I took some pictures of it to remember it all. The Thursday photo is of the parking lot behind our building, my car is parked on the left. It was a beautiful sunset before I left. Friday morning we had a beautiful sunrise. On Saturday Sinterklaas came to our village and we have a party for all the children in the village then. Sunday was a familyday. I had been so busy the last 10 weeks or so, and on Sunday we did all fun things with the kids. In the morning we went swimming, in the afternoon we played with the Wii all five of us, and afterwards we all did stuff we liked ourselves. A nice Sunday!

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