zondag 15 november 2009

9 - 15 november

Another normal and busy week in November.

The first pictures are of parts of my life. In our living room are five water paintings from Cambodia on a Cambodian cloth. One fell down a long time ago, and Rudy placed it on the wall again this weekend. The second picture is of my car computer on the last part of the way home. On Wednesday we celebrated Saint Maarten. The children walked with their pawns (hope this Babelfish translation is correct?) along the houses and sang their Saint Maarten songs. They received lots of candy and presents! The weather was good, cold but the rain stopped when we started walking at 6 PM. Thursdays photo is of our beloved cat Bumba. On Friday just before bedtime Mean checked the photos on daddy’s phone. On Saturday the kids played a typical Dutch game, sjoelen. Mean has her own “sjoelbak”, it’s a little smaller than the standard “sjoelbak”. They had fun in our living room with it. On Sunday we had a Rally-O workshop and competition at our Dog Trainig school. The photo is of Rudy with his black German Shepherd Felyce. He was first with her, and I was second with my Cairn Diya!

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