zondag 1 november 2009

26 october - 1 november

This week was a sad week. On Monday I decided that Bully shouldn’t suffer any longer, so I spent the evening with him on our couch. I spoiled him with nice meals, and made everything as comfortable as possible for him. The photo shows the new chairs we had received on our department, they are great. Tuesday the vet came and put Bully to sleep. The photo was of a few hours before. We brought him to the crematorium for animals, where he was cremated the same day. Wednesday Rudy picked up the urn from the crematorium. The photo shows the kids that evening (Mean wearing horrible blue eye shadow). On Thursday we went eating out and bowling as team mates. One of my colleagues took this action shot of me. Mean hugged her sweet little doggy friend Joly on the floor on Friday. The Saturday photo is of Mean and Shen with their Nintendo DS Lites. The Sunday photo is of Mean showing her little Cairn Joly at the local dog show. It was the first time she did it, the judge was really friendly and he and the ring steward helped her a lot. She got a great report, very well shown!


Everyone who was responded on Hyves or sent e-mails with their sympathy: thank you so very much. Many know how special this little dog was for me.

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