zondag 6 september 2009

31 august - 6 september

Autumn is starting here, the weather is getting colder, and our life is going on like before the holidays.

On Monday Mean started practicing her flute all by herself. She can play from notes a little already. In a few weeks she will start a beginners course in music (for children), she is really looking forward to go. On Tuesday a digiscrap friend from a city nearby visited to learn more about it. She brought her daughter, and she had a real talent for it! We had lots of fun and made great progress (at least, I hope J ). On Wednesday Mean has her horse riding lessons, and when I picked her up I found her scooping the horse poop. Thursday I didn’t want to cook, so I bought Chinese food from the local Chinese restaurant. On Friday I was so tired, I went to bed early, and while preparing I took this picture of our waterbed. On Saturday Mean and I travelled for almost 3 hours to meet with other Cambodian adopted children and go to a Cambodian party. It was great fun! On Sunday I had a Rally-O tournament not so far away (45 minutes drive) and it was very nice with friendly people and nice weather.

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