zondag 13 september 2009

7-13 september

A normal week in my life. I took some photos of normal events, our little Joly on the bed of Mean (she sleeps there every night), the sun through the trees in our garden (loved the light and experimenting with my camera), and on wednesday the sky was so wonderfully colored, I had to take some pictures of it. Wednesday and Thursday I had a computer course in XML, I photographed the building on thursday. When I went to pick up the kids at school (no other children where having lunch, so I could go back to home immediately) I took a photo of the lifesize paper Mean on the window at her classroom. Unfortunately the paper Shen had already been gone… The photo of saturday is of our Felyce, eating an apple in the garden. The apples are falling, and the dogs eat them all the time. Sunday started with some rain, and while Mean and daddy had gone off with Kyona and Joly to train for searching, Shen and I stayed home. He read the toy store book (it had already arrived at my mothers’ house for Sinterklaas) and watched some TV. I took this funny shot of him.

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