vrijdag 7 januari 2011

Project 365 - the first week of 2011

I started again with the project 365 this year. I did this a year ago, and I love the result, the album I made of it. The project comprises making a photo every day, and creating a layout of all the photos every week. With journaling of course, so you can read in about 20 years or so what the daily life was in 2011.

I use products of Weeds and Wildflowers design: http://weedsandwildflowersdesign.com to create the pages. I like the cleanliness of the pages created with their stuff!

My photos of this first week!
1 Mean and Shen with some fireworks at midnight New Year's eve
2 Mean and I visiting a theater show (Anubis)
3 My new kitchen herbs holder from IKEA
4 We had a solar eclips early morning (the photo is not made by me :) )
5 Mean and Shen having fun after dinner
6 Shen working with play-doh
7 I picked up my special soles for my running shoes this morning!

You can look forward to a weekly layout with my photos from now.

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