maandag 1 maart 2010

22-29 february

The last week of my 365 project. I've finished my book and sent it off to
Artscow to have it printed. Looking forward to the book itself!

On Monday I picked up my Cairn Terrier Diya from the breeder where she was
to be bred by one of his males. Let's hope she'll have a litter in about 9
weeks! The Tuesday photo is of Shen's room, he is keeping it rather clean
after we decluttered the toys and all other stuff several weeks ago. The
Wednesday photo is of Shen and neighbor Sanne. The kids have their spring
break, and they are playing on the Wii together. The Thursday photo is of
Bumba, or big black cat. On Friday a niece got married, and as we visited
the marriage we also visited our friends near Arnhem. The kids had lots of
fun together as we had a fabulous meal at a Chinese restaurant in Velp! On
Saturday Shen swam for his last swimming diploma, we are all done with
swimming lessons now. And the last photo of the year is of our little
family. I have a remote control for my camera, which is very useful when you
want to take photos of yourself!

I don't know when I will update this blog again, I found out a way to post
videos from my mobile on my blog, so I think I will post some movies here in
the coming months.

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