vrijdag 11 februari 2011

Project 365 - february 1

And this is the first layout of february. I change the design of the layouts (colour etc.) for every month. This way the book I will ultimately have will be flowing very nicely.
1 on tuesdays when Mean rides horse, I go to the grocery store nearby. My grocery store has built a new and bigger one, and I thought it would be nice to take a picture of it in the dark. Most of the time Shen goes with me (because Rudy is working as driving instructor on evenings). 2 Mean performed for me this evening. 3 my Montignac lunch: carrots, smoked chicken and smoked mackerel. 4 Rudy and I went to landgoed Avegoor (a very nice hotel) for the weekend. 5 we spent the whole day in a wellness center, this is not one of my photos (it's not allowed to take pictures in there) but we had a special Nepalese session in this salt block sauna. 6 our hotel room, Rudy sitting on the bed just before we left. 7 we played the game of roundomino the 4 of us.

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