dinsdag 26 mei 2009

26 may - Splendid China and 2nd orphanage visit

This morning we went to Splendid China (and Folk Cultural Village, it's all in one park and one admission) by metro right after breakfast. It was the first time we used the metro by ourselves, and it was easy-peasy! Select the station you want to go, and insert coins or a 5 yuan bill. The machine even returns money, so no need to have the exact amount of cash. It was only about 20-25 minutes to the park, which was only 50 metres from the metro entrance. Shen didn't have to pay for the park, because he is 110 cm exactly. They all think he is a baby here, Shen doesn't like that!

The park is beautiful. We had some rain, and some dry periods, and even, in the end, some sun. We bought several souvenirs (everything in this park is about traditions so they sell a lot of the more "traditional" souvenirs), had our photos taken in original costumes (they are hard-copy, I have to scan them at home) and had great fun in this park.

We went back to the hotel at 1.30, bought some croissants in the shopping centre where the metro has his entrance, and where right in time to freshen up a bit and go to the orphanage with our guide. We took a taxi, and arrived just before 3 'o clock. The orphanage visit was great again. They showed us the dossier of Shen, they had two photos of him as a very tiny baby (just 2 months old) as he came into the orphanage. I didn't expect those, so I was really touched at that moment. They promised to send the files to me per e-mail. I hope they do that, don't know what to expect I must say. I have photographed the two photos of baby Shen, so I have them already.

We then went to see the children, one boy we saw when we adopted Shen. It was one of his friends in the orphanage. I also saw a group of children, of which two will be adopted within a couple of months. I could take some photos of the children, so their mothers are very happy at this moment.

After the orphanage visit we went to the hospital Shen was brought just after he was born. I took some photos there too, and then we returned to the hotel. We had dinner at the same restaurant as yesterday (per Shen's request) and then he went into bath, and into bed.

Tomorrow we are planning a visit to the Shenzhen zoo. There are many tigers over there, and even a few panda's (one giant panda). Shen is looking forward to that!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Lushen vraagt of jullie het erg leuk vinden? Zelf denkt ze van wel. Jun trouwens ook. Wat geweldig dat je twee babyfoto's van Shen gekregen hebben.
    Een dikke kus en veel plezier van Lushen, Jun, Mark en Marielle.

  2. Hi Meta,

    I'm so glad that you are having a good visit in Shenzhen. So un that the ayi's remembered Shen and that you got to see around the SWI. I'm sorry that I just didn't have time to get pictures to you to take....next time :)


  3. Meta,
    I'm just catching up with your trip. It sounds as if you and Shen are having a good time, your pictures are wonderful.
    ~Sarah G @CDS

  4. Meta,
    I am enjoying reading your blog so much and seeing all of the pictures. So happy you and Shen are having a great time. What a treasure to get those two photos of him as a baby! Can't wait to read more tomorrow!

  5. Hoi Meta,

    leuk hoor je verhalen en foto's..
    Ik krijg gelijk weer heimwee naar Shenzhen..
    Nog even lekker blijven genieten!

    gr. Lisette