zondag 10 mei 2009

4 - 10 may

On monday my little Cairn Diya (Dee-jah) catched a muskrat in our garden. It was a very big animal, and she was really proud of it! It was the first time I saw such an animal from so close. I realised on tuesday at a certain moment that I was the only one in our office room. Everyone was in a meeting of some kind, except me. An ideal photo opportunity! My desk is the left one in the front. Shen loves to brush and decorate my hair before he goes to bed. This was wednesdays result. On thursday Shen had to visit the School doctor, everything was great with him, his eyes where not perfect, so she's going to check them next year again. On friday my uncle Bert was burried. The whole family came, and I saw my sister and brother again. Afterwards we went out for dinner, and there this photo was taken. My dryer isn't working good, so I have to dry my stuff on the air. There's a lot of laundry in this household, so the whole saturday and sunday is spent washing, drying and folding! Sunday was mothers' day. I was surprized with a breakfast in my bed. The kids had written a list with questions what I wanted to eat, and when. I also received a present they made at school and a "mama's book". Mean wrote it herself, Shen's book was written by his teacher.

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