zondag 17 mei 2009

11 - 17 may

This week I spent time to prepare for my China trip. It was not a very busy week, because I already did a lot of things for the preparation. On monday I had my yearly course for the "BHV", I am in the First Aid group of my company. On wednesday Mean went horseriding, the photo is of the cap she had from her trainer. It is a little bit too big :-). I bought a children's camera for Shen, so he can report our China trip with it. On friday the weather was really bad. The dogs where outside, and Kyona came to the window to check out. On saturday Shen had his swimming lessons. He did so well, that he can go for his "B-certificate". The exam will be in two weeks, the day we return from China... Now he is going to do it in june I hope... On sunday we went to an afternoon party of people in our neighbourhood. They have bought an old farm and are restoring the building. It is becoming very nice! The photo is of the kids together in Shen's bed. Aren't they cute...

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  2. Hoi Meta and Shen, we denken aan jullie en wensen jullie een leuke vlucht!!!!! Tot zo!
    Anouk, Lian, Marc & Chantal