maandag 27 april 2009

20 - 26 april

Not much time to blog. It's almost 2 AM already. Have to go to bed asap! I was browsing about my trip to Shenzhen... Love to search for everything there is available!

This week was pretty standard (haha). On wednesday it was "Earth day". Don't know exactly what that means, but I took a photo for a website of a guy who wanted to know what "my" earth was. It's my view from our living room. It was already a bit late... The thursday picture is of Mean and Joly the Cairn Terrier, her big friend, sleeping in Means bed. She loves to go to bed with a doggie, because then she's not so scared. On saturday we had an obedience venue, I have made lots of gorgeous photos with my zoomlens. The sunday photo is of Diya, the mother of Joly. I just love this photo...

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