zondag 12 april 2009

6 - 12 april

This was a nice, festive week. On monday I picked up the birthday cake for Shen. He celebrated his 6th birthday on tuesday. He wanted to have a "Vincent van God" birthday cake. They had a project at school a few weeks ago about Vincent van Gogh, the painter, so there came his inspiration. I ordered the cake with a print of a painting of Vincent van Gogh and picked it up on monday. On tuesday we celebrated Shen's birthday. On wednesday I picked up Fransisca very early in the morning to bring her to her mother. She lives near us, and her mother lives near my work. So when she wants, I take her to her mother, and take her back the same day or some days later. On thursday we had a dinner with some colleagues because of the departure of one of them. It was a great dinner! On Good Friday we had the children's birthday party in a playground in Beerta. The kids had lots of fun, had lemonade, ice cream, chips and fries and some slept when we returned by car. On saturday the weather was extremely nice. A lot of flowers are already blooming in our garden. Easter sunday was a nice day too, Mean painted some eggs early in the morning, in the afternoon we had dinner with our fathers, the granddads, outside on the terrace. I don't know if we ever had dinner outside so early in the year. It was a nice week, yes it was!

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