maandag 6 april 2009

30 maart - 5 april

On monday I went to two stores to check into netbooks and small camera's. On tuesday I bought a Packard Bell Dot netbook, and a Fuji camera, to take with me on my trip to China. On wednesday Mean showed me she could make a real salto on the trampoline, it was awesome! When I came home on thursday, the kids and daddy had shopped for plants, and on thursday it looked like this on our terrace. Friday was a day with very nice weather. I went to shop again, and bought a Kipling backpack for half-prize. It was a colour of last season, but I really liked it! Super deal! On saturday Rudy told me their was spawn in the water of the dog training field, so Shen and Rudy went out to catch some in two pots. One for school, the other for in our home. We release them as soon as they hatch of course! On sunday we had a reunion of our China travel group. The kids had lots of fun, the photo is of the three Shenzhen kids.

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  1. Sounds like you are getting ready for China. There is so much to do to prepare. Can't wait to follow your trip!