zondag 29 maart 2009

23 - 29 march 2009

This week I was thinking a lot about if and how I wanted to make a trip to China. Monday till thursday was a normal work week, and the work made me think about other things, but China was very distracting. For monday I placed a photo of Mean and Shen playing on their Nintendo DS Lite. They love it and it is a very good solution for kids when they have to wait (in a restaurant for example). On tuesday Mean helped with the chicken, but it was still a bit frozen. She is so helpfull though! On wednesday the day started with lots of rain. I took the photo early in the morning. The tree is outside our window. I like the effect of drops of water against our window with the tree on the background. Bumba doesn't like to be photographed, he hates the flash. the only reason he is on this photo with eyes open, is that I prepared the camera and waited a few moments, when he opened his eyes again, I took the picture. I don't think he likes that though... The photo of friday is of Rudy's new car and him and the two black German Shepherds, Felyce and Kyona. He wanted me to take some photos of his car, of his car with him, and a few with the doggies in it. Saturday early morning I decided to book the tickets to Hong Kong for me and Shen. Now it's final! We'll travel to China on may 21st, and stay there for one week in the city where Shen was born. On sunday I mostly clean the stick insects box.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Gotta love those Nintendos! Now, if they could just find a way that kids wouldn't lose the game cartridges!

  2. Love the picture of your cat, he does not look too happy!!

  3. Oh, Meta, I'm so happy you are going to China!nnThe girls and I just got back and it was such an awesome trip! I hope you and Shen have a wonderful time. Keep me posted if you do a blog, I'd love to follow your trip.