maandag 23 maart 2009

16-22 march 2009

I had a great week! Mean lost her third tooth on sunday, so I took a photo of her on monday to show. On tuesday my Cairn Terrier sweater that I ordered on the dog show arrived, it fitted! Love it! The photo of wednesday is of our baby German Shepherd Kyona. I wanted to take a photo like a Japanese artist (at least I think it's a Japanese artist), he or she takes the photos very close-up so the perspective is all gone. I tried to imitate that! The weather was extremely nice on thursday, I took a photo of the sunset from our parking space. The windmills almost didn't rotate. That's unique here. On friday morning Mean was very happy that we would go away for the weekend, so before going to school she took this happy/naughty face. The weekend was great! Very nice weather, we did a lot of stuff. The photo is of the kite at the beach. It is Mean's kite, she had it on her birthday and she loved to play with it. Just before we left for home, Mean and Shen jumped on the trampolines of the holiday parc. It was a great weekend!

I found an example of the photosgraphs of the Japanese artists:

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  1. Isn't it fun to experiment? And to show the little things that make up our lives. Your layout is very playful.