zondag 19 april 2009

13 - 19 april

Another busy week :-)
On monday, second easter day, we had the traditional Woldendorp egg hunt with the easter bunny. Shen is a fanatic little boy, Mean doesn't care a bit. On tuesday Rudy had his hot balloon air ride at last. It was a gift for his brother because of the help he gave Rudy, but they had to wait for it for almost a year.
Mean goes to a friend of us on wednesdays, to clean the stable and take care of the horses. At the end she's allowed to ride on one of them. Mommy had to see this when she picked her up of course. On thursday we ate pancakes. Nothing special, but my pancakes are really nice! I placed my "old" Canon EOS 350d on marktplaats.nl on friday very early (in fact thursday night). Let's hope I get some money for it. Mean had her first agility training on saturday with Joly. I made this shot afterwards. On sunday the weather was really nice, as all days last week, and we did some chores in the garden. Mean loves to ride the mowing machine, it goes really slow, but she does the job really nice!

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