maandag 4 januari 2010

28 december - 3 january

A week off from work. On Monday we picked out new wallpaper for the kitchen. Rudy had already prepared the walls, so he could start with the work really soon. Mean and I visited IKEA in the afternoon. On Tuesday Mean, a friend from school and her mother and I went to a movie, Anubis and the revenge of Argus. It’s a Dutch movie, and Mean and I love the TV series of Anubis also very much (it’s a children’s TV series, but heck). On Wednesday we used our new BBQ pan for the first time. Don’t these baked breads look yummie? On old-years-day we went to IKEA again, and bought several cupboards so we can stow away some more stuff in our home. My mom came to celebrate new years eve with us. The picture is taken at midnight, we live a few kilometers from a village, and this photo is of the fireworks in that village. We had a quiet new years day, we had the grilled meat again, we all love that. It started snowing again on Saturday, and I took lots of photos of the coletits eating from my buffet. On Sunday we could skate again in our village, so we went there with our kids. The weather was really sunny, so lots of nice sunny snow and skate photos!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the little birds! That bread does look yummy!

  2. Ongelooflijk hoe je het volhoud om week na week je pagina's te maken! Ik dacht met het project te stoppen en elke week een pagina te maken met de foto's van 2009. Maar ik mis het wel een beetje. Zo nu denk ik van 2010 misschien toch mee te doen maar dan wel op jouw manier! Een pagina per week, een blog post per week. Ben er noch niet helemaal van overtuigd maar misschien lukt het mij zo ook! groetjes