zondag 17 januari 2010

11 - 17 january

It wasn't easy to take a picture every day this week. It seems I have
covered all the normal subjects and it's hard to think of new ones. Monday
evening I asked the kids if I could take a photo of the two of them. They
are not always into it, but this time they were, so that was a bonus. The
Tuesday photo is of the new rack we have in our kitchen. It's from Ikea and
I love it. It fits perfectly in our kitchen. The Wednesday photo is of Beef
Chimichurri, a dish from Argentina. It is sold here so you can make it
yourself with only adding a few things (beef strips, clotted cream, paprika
and beans. I love it, it's not a favorite by the children though. The
Thursday photo is of Diya, my little Cairn bitch, on the couch. She lies
there almost every evening. On Friday I visited Mean's horse riding lessons
again, and it was the first time she galloped. This was not intentioned
though, so Mean wasn't very happy and she said she didn't want to ride this
horse again. The Saturday photo I took for my EOL project (Encyclopedia of
an Ordinary Life). These are some of my favorite books. And on Sunday we had
a new years party at our dog training school. The activity committee
organized it, and they showed us their new outfit.

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