woensdag 27 januari 2010

18 - 24 january 2010

On Monday I had my second first aid training. We had to practice all kinds of bandages, so I was a patient too! Monday’s photo is of our two cats on the couch, Ischa and Bumba. They are inside a lot now that it is soo cold. Wednesday’s photo is of my side of the bed. We bought this neckroll around Christmas at IKEA, and I’m very happy with it. Ischa was sitting really weird on the couch on Thursday. Friday’s photo is of Shen playing a game on the netbook. On Saturday we went to McDonalds with my mom. It was a celebration of Mean’s adoption day (which is in November, but we hadn’t had time to go before, mostly because of the bad weather, McDonalds is about 12 km away from us). On Sunday we went eating out and bowling with the trainers and the volunteers of the dog training school We had lots of really good food and fun, and Mean could play some bowling too!

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