maandag 5 oktober 2009

28 september - 4 october

Monday: one of our trainers leaves the dog training school. Tuesday: Mean can really bake pancakes all by herself! Wednesday: a rainbow spotted from my car on the highway (yeah, I know it’s not safe to open the camerabox, switch on the camera, point and shoot while driving at the same time). Thursday: playing outside after dinner. The weather was good enough, although chilly. Friday: fever blisters on my mouth, no fun! Saturday: I did the puppy play hour and prepared for the dog show on Sunday. Sunday: dog show in Zwolle, my Cairn Joly had an excellent judgment and only needs one judgment more (at least very good) to have permission from the Cairn Club to breed with her.

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  1. Meta, your layouts are so colorful -- it's going to be a joy to look back at them after this year.