zondag 25 oktober 2009

19 - 25 october 2009

A very busy week for us. And some very nice photos to remember it. Monday’s photo is of Shen brushing his teeth in his Diego pajamas. On Tuesday Mean took some photos of Shen and me, and they turned out very nice. Wednesdays photo is of Bully, my oldest Cairn Terrier. He has trachea collaps, and is coughing really bad now. Don’t know how long he will be staying with me, I’m very sad about that. Thursday’s photo is of our cats eating some meat on our sink. On Friday we were all very busy for the agility competition the next day (we organized it, and that is a lot of work, almost 300 entries and an indoor venue). Mean wanted to come with daddy to work already in the horse riding hall, but she couldn’t. She pouted a while… On Saturday we had the big event, everything went very well, we had a lot of fun and at 6 PM the hall was empty. Sunday was a lazy day, but someone that learned driving from Rudy came by with a horse and carriage and the kids went for a little ride with them. Great fun!

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