maandag 19 oktober 2009

12 - 18 october

The Monday photo is of Mean playing her toy guitar. She got it from daddy for her birthday. The Tuesday photo is of the sunrise. I took it from the route I drive everyday. On Wednesday I have singing lessons, this is the front door of the teacher J. On Thursday Zorro came to us, he was one of the litter of Felyce of last year. We are trying to find a new home for him. He is in potential a very good working German Shepherd! Friday was a stormy day, this is Shen at my little netbook. He plays games on it. The Saturday photo was taken in Germany at a German Shepherd training center. We went there with Zorro to show him to someone who was interested in him. On Sunday I went to the clubmatch of the Dutch Cairn Terrier Club. I showed little Joly, she got her last qualification to breed with her. Mean showed Joly too in the Child-Dog show, and became first. Joly had wings on her back (fairy wings) and Mean wore her Ariel princess dress with gloves and a Chinese umbrella. All people cheered and laughed that the little doggy was very pleased to wear her wings!

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