donderdag 11 februari 2010

Lost but found!

A miracle has happened. When we married almost 25 years ago, a little film was made. Only 3 minutes. We thought we lost this film forever, we couldn't find it anywhere. But it turned up recently at our sister in law's house, and she converted it into an AVI file. How sweet of her! It brings back so many memories, people that are not with us anymore, we were all 25 years younger. Have fun watching this video!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, Meta, how sweet! What a wonderful treasure. I love all the 80s fashions and the dogs as you are exiting the church. What fun.

  2. Meta, this is wonderful. Even though my parents' photos are a lot older (1950), your video reminds me of it (they were married in England). So much more of a community and family event than here in the US where it's a big stage production. I love the children in the video.