zondag 14 februari 2010

8 - 14 february 2010

On Monday I had my last BHV course day. I’m a member of the BHV of my company for my building. When something happens, we are helping the people (in case of fire, exiting the building, in case of a person is hurt, doing first aid etc.). We have to do a course every year in fire extinguishing etc.. Tuesday’s photo is of Mean, Shen and Flip the bear. Flip is going home with all of the children of their classes, they have to take care of him and write a little about the day they had together in a logbook. On Wednesday the weather was really bad again. Already almost 2 months of real winter, not normal for us! The wind was blowing the snow across the road. I took the photo from the car while driving J
Thursday was a beautiful day. I took this photo of our home when I drove home. The days are already getting longer, and I even saw the sun when I arrived home at 5.30. The Friday photo is of Mean, making her bed. She had to take everything off first, and then make her bed again. Hard work for a little girl! On Saturday Mean, grandma and I went to the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. Too many (and loud!) screatching voices. But she liked it. We had a quiet Valentines day on Sunday. The photo is of Shen reading to daddy. He has made good progress in his reading!

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