maandag 13 juli 2009

6 - 11 july

Okay, here's last week!
6 july: my  birthday! We had some bad weather on tuesday. On wednesday my office celebrated the launching of a service with ice-cream for all employees. Thursday: our little girl is very tired this week of the kids play week in Delfzijl. On friday we left for France. The photo is of the pool at the Novotel in Beaune, France. When we left saturday morning early at before 7, we didn't know we would be in trouble just an hour later. At 8 we got a flat tire at the autoroute, and we lost 2 hours. After that it was horrible. 160 km of traffic. We detoured, and detoured, and finally arrived at 9.30 PM at our destination, only 550 km away from Beaune. On sunday we rested and played in the pool at our holiday parc!

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