zondag 5 juli 2009

29 june - 5 july

This week we had really great weather. No fun to go to work every day! The kids had a great last week at school. On Thursday they celebrated the farewell of two of the teachers, and on Friday, the last day, the parent council took all the kids at school (all 25) to a nice park with lots of fun to do for them. And did I tell you the weather was so great? I went along on Friday, and it was much fun. I took almost 500 photos!

The photo of Monday is of Mean working on the Wii FIT for the first time. She loved it! I have trained on it myself three times the past week, and I really enjoy the steps exercises. And the balance stuff is great to do too!

The photo of Tuesday is of one of our linden trees. They are blooming right now. On Wednesday I had a performance of my singing class. It was the last time in this building, as it will be torn down. There were 11 songs performed, I did “Unexpected Song” from Song and Dance, a musical.

Thursday was really warm. The kids enjoyed the pool in our garden after they returned from school.

The Friday photo is of Mean. It was really hot in the children’s park, and she loved to cool down in the water. I really love this photo! On Saturday we put up the tent the children received from my mother as a gift, and they slept in it during the night. We had our first BBQ of the season too! Sunday was the greatest day. The weather was really nice, sunny all day, almost no wind, wonderful. I already packed some stuff for our holiday (we leave on Friday) and we BBQ’d again. Super!

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