vrijdag 12 juni 2009

1 - 7 june

Home after our China trip. The first days the weather was beautiful, the kids played in the pool. I made some gorgeous pictures of my daughter. I so love that little lady! On Tuesday I had to work again. On Wednesday a few screens where placed on the workfloor to reduce the noise in our large room. Let’s see If it works. On Thursday we had to vote for the European Parliament. It was the first time I could vote in Woldendorp, instead of Termunten (which is further away). I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers for a gift I had arranged. In the weekend I was busy creating the photo album of our China trip, and on Sunday Rudy went fishing in the canal along our garden. Cairn Bully was watching him closely, you never know what kind of snack may fall off.

1 opmerking:

  1. Ik zat net op CDS: beetje kleine lettertjes dus even hier gecheckt.
    Valt niks niet tegen die bloemkes!